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King Tee Dee test drove the latest Range Rover and he loved it

“Yes, this is definitely what I mean by Mshasho to the world and this is just the beginning,” King Tee Dee.

If there is someone who is an example of what hard work is in the entertainment industry, please make sure that King Tee Dee is among the first in the line.

The One I Love singer recently came back from South Africa where he was invited to test drive the latest Range Rover by Range Rover Namibia. Reflecting on his trip, King Tee Dee says although the invitation caught him off guard, it is a sign that he is doing something right.


“I was both surprised, yet excited about the invitation. It reminded me that hard work does truly pay off when you least expect it,” he said.

King Tee Dee says the cars were absolutely exquisite and he would definitely consider getting one. The award-winning artist also lightly spoke about the latest member to join his family saying that the car would be big enough for his growing family.

“I would get one for the mere fact that they are spacious and safe for the family. These are things I think about now that my family is about to extend,” he said.


Speaking on what it means for local artists and celebrities and international corporate to be collaborating, King Tee Dee says hard work and investment in one’s craft are key factors to recognition and this is all through support.

“We are entering into an era where Namibians are supporting local more than ever before. I feel this is the boost we needed to get us the international recognition we have been working so hard towards. Things are changing and it’s visible with other Namibian artists as well, not only me for me only but also my fellow peers in the industry,” he said.

“This investment is important because people want quality. Re-branding for me meant producing quality music and now crossing the border. Poiyah Media has helped shift the brand and enter into the corporate world. One can not always link marketing tactics to endorsements but one can surely say that being visible, credible and well known allows more endorsements. Therefore, I am glad that I have an agency just to concentrate on my brand while I do what I love most,” he added.


King Tee Dee concluded by saying he is merely just starting out and that people can keep an eye on his social media pages for all updates. “Mshasho merchandise is now available on Alibaba express. We are starting a documentary series that will be available on Mnet and there is so much more in the pipeline,” he said.


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