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King Tee Dee’s Facebook Account Hacked


For any artist, having your Facebook or Instagram account hacked after gaining so many followers is an invasion of privacy and can be highly damaging to your personal brand.

Last week, multi international award winner; The Dogg who is known as King Tee Dee, became the latest trending celebrity who’s Facebook account got hacked. King Tee Dee made this announcement when he took to his socials to announce the news to his followers.

“Good afternoon. This is my Facebook page. We will be announcing good news in a few, so please go follow the page and here is the link” he announced.

From posting inappropriate photos and doing everything that will damage one’s personal image , hackers do all sorts of bad things once they get access to your account . Luckily, one can avoid this with preemptive steps such as creating the long, unique and impossible password to guess and securing your emails.

King Tee Dee is not the first Namibian celebrity to have his account hacked. He joins personalities including Robyn Nakaambo and Sally Boss Madam who’s Instagram accounts have been hacked.


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