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Kiss his mind again

Queen Avula

A romantic gesture will always bring a smile to your partner’s face. It’s a happy mood day and he has just picked you up from work at 6pm. 

You are parked right in front of the bachelor’s flat in a 50-unit double-storey block of flats. He opens his door and walks over the other side to open the door for you, as per usual gesture. This Taurus loving hunk will always be a gentleman.

He’s by your door, and as you attempt to step out with your red shiny red bottom heel, he waits for you to elevate slightly up. While you raise your curvaceous torso in slow motion in a seductive rhythm, tilt your chin up, to kiss his appetizing soft juicy lips, he smiles, looks deep in your eyes and suddenly looks away, just to tease you because on his mind, is an intensive, prolonged, sensual session upstairs, right after dinner.

She was left very shy though as she was slightly moved by the missed pack kiss. Anyway, he still opened the door for you and you finally managed to step out. Your not so common senses immediately tell you to take a soft, subtle, memorable revenge. First of its kind in your 9 months of dating.

You walk in front of him upon entering the apartment and slowly seize your walk and whisper: remove your pants. I wanna kiss your mind, sticking your pointy finger in your mouth, just 1 link, oh what a tip off, wink, wink.

Gosh, you’re so cheeky tonight and you mean tease. Dropped your handbag on the couch, he hangs the car keys on the key handle on the wall…

It’s an open plan kitchen and you direct him to the kitchen counter…he’s romantic and open minded…thank goodness. He gets curious and feels a little naughty too…he can’t wait to go upstairs and fiddle with you but no…you never got the memo either. 

Grab a cloth, blindfold him, and lean him over to lie on the counter…wow…easy backslide until he is comfortable. Unzip his pants slowly. Wow…a brand new white trunk, sexy as fuck and you not even touching him…your left hand fiddling with his belly button and the right hand grab the feather from the nearby drawer.  you give him no room to miss you…feather in your hands, pants dropped, and separate his legs, definitely not too wide.  

Scroll your fingers along his inner thighs only and give him time to embrace imagination. He’s comfortable and all heated up eventually. It’s just 10 minutes into this tease. Grab the few snacks preferably a fruity something with cream or dipped in condensed milk, you had prepared from the fridge. I mean, the day was already long enough, can a snack destruct what you are about to do?  

Ask him a question first! Are you ready to become mine, like completely? Let him answer. After you are satisfied with the answer, direct the witty fruity snack with dripping liquid to his mouth and whisper for him to open his mouth.  

Watch him chew it, ask if he likes what he is chewing? And then tell him how you would like him to taste and munch you exactly in that manner. Watch him chew some more as he responds. Reach for the next fruit from the dip and direct him to open his mouth for the second different treat. 

Ask him how he finds the second piece of fruit? It’s a slightly soft fresh peach. Bite this honey, I like the sight of your lips on it.  After he chews, spread his legs open enough for you to go between, and reach in slowly to his mouth, but truly slow were he can sense that he is definitely about to get a kiss, but do it so slow, that you brush your lips on his for now, and take in his lower lip with a little bite, slowly. None from this evening can be rushed.  

Moving away from his lips but not too far, he must still hear your breath, give that position a 5 seconds some memorable appreciation. Pick up the feather, lean in to kiss him this time, kiss him a bit hard with so much hunger, and then pull out. Don’t allow him to get up!

Linger the feather immediately and slowly from his chest, follow his chest line down to his trunks. make sure your movement is completely felt and see how he is appreciating you even more in his pants. Keep the feather on top of his fresh white trunk. And then head back with the feather to his nipples, give both turns of brushes from the feather, breathe with him, even a bit louder if you have to. 

Put the feather down, give him a second to take all in but also what could be next, mmmhhhh, lean in to kiss him for a good 5 or so minute, then let go. Your hands resting on his thighs. Then you turn the attention down to his manhood inside the trunk ok…

Don’t you dare take it out, brush it with your mouth twice or so, trace his manhood tip with your tongue and brush it with your tongue, attempt a few bites to his manhood, appreciate his semen’s, I mean it should be wet by now, actually a bit to last if it has not presented itself yet. 

Do it a few more times, then slowly surface his manhood tip, take it out slowly, with your tongue teasing the tip. Then do your thing girl, feel that come in a few seconds. Make sure he sees that you tasted his semen, swallow It while he looks at you. 

Kiss him. let him know how much you appreciate him. You have just kissed his mind as well


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