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KP Illest, brilliant lyrics but shy of glory in visuals

By Wilka Kayoko

Award-winning rapper KP Illest recently released his latest video featuring the glittering Maria Nepembe but just short of the oomph many associates with brilliant visuals.

While a good song does not necessarily make a good video or vice versa, the prowess of KP Illest with the mic came out stronger in the visuals than the creativity in the visuals.

While the lyrics of the song pierce the heart and shows a somewhat softer side oh and the cast was well put together the end product perhaps leaves much to desire, more so compared to the kind of visuals other artists have released of late.

Video producer, Nepembe who did most of the work in the video production feels it was a team effort.

“I received an unfinished version of the song and I loved it immediately. I asked him if I could direct it and it was his honour for me to do so” she said.

 The video stars some of Namibia’s comedians, models and entrepreneurs  Martin Pombili, Leena Shipwata and Cj the connect are a few to mention among the cast of characters.

“ I had an amazing team of people. Everybody that was on set was quite cooperative and helpful and most importantly, eager to make the whole project to be a success.” She said. 

Set in different places including Soulstice Day Spa, Tipsy Rabbit Hole and Future Fresh Supermarket the new visuals perhaps could have done better with better scripting.

“ I am the type of director that plans ahead. I make sure everything is ready before I go there. I have people assigned to certain tasks and this is the key thing when you’re shooting to minimise the chances of stress and everybody is happy” she said.


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