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Kp Illest joins sanitary pad drive

By Foibe Shahepa

KP Illest has joined the Lilibet Pads Foundation, a non-profit that collects and provides pads to underprivileged schools and orphanages around the country.

The ultimate goal of this organization is to eliminate period poverty in Namibia and serve as a stepping stone for future generations of young women.

The Hip Hop artist says he has witnessed and heard the hardships that young girls face.
“I am sure that using leaves or newspapers isn’t healthy, but that is what some girls are doing because there is nothing else. My humanity dictates that no one should suffer for something that is natural,” said.

The singer of ‘Okay Okay’ said he does not believe enough is being done for women in the country, adding that Pads alone are not enough to keep girls on the right track or in schools, but giving them what they don’t have is one step in the right direction.

“One person cant deal with every issue, I can’t deal with every issue because I’d be too spread out, but if I do my part here, you do yours, and someone else does theirs somewhere else, that chain of events will put females on the right track,” he narrated.

Lilibet Pads Foundation founder, Montenique Elizabeth Bekker, said the objective is for KP Illest to use his fame to not only raise awareness but also to serve as an example to men in the country who too should join the initiatives and similar ones across the country aimed to assist young women.

“His character and beliefs are exactly what we were looking for to round out our team. He is an excellent fit and choice,” she stated.

Montenique said the organisation has not done handouts as of yet, as they just completed their first run/ collection on July 31, 2021, at Gwashamba Mall, Platz Am Meer Mall, Dunes Mall, Mariental Spar, Okahandja Spar, Rehoboth Shoprite, and Grove Super Spar in Windhoek.

“We received a large number of pads from all of these locations and following our second journey at the end of the month, we will be doing handovers at schools, orphanages, and informal settlements. As soon as we receive all of the necessary confirmations, they will be publicized on our pages. The plan is to make a beginning kit that includes three packs of pads, a bar of soap, and a cloth for those who require it,” she said.


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