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Kudurista pours heart in album

Tutaleni Kashani aka Kudurista speaks with unwrap.online about his newly released third album Ondjodhi.

Kudurista is a musician 34-year-old from Angola that’s been in the music industry for 5 years thus far after debuting in 2014 with the album Kwaziwa Okokule with Shanyenge Tylves aka Six Boy. Kudurista is a kizomba and gospel artist who is known for his music that always has a deeper meaning that focuses on socio-economic issues.

When the artist was ask by unwrap.online why he named his album Ondjodhi, he explained:

“It’s a oshiwambo word meaning dream ( ondjodhi yomkwaniilwa Iimbili yakashani) a dream of king Iimbili yakashani.” He also continued to say that the inspiration for the name of the album came from a dream he had where he became a king.

The album was produced under Na casa Music Production, a year-old record label which was founded by Kudurista himself and his two brothers  from another mother Morocky and Quado.

“The aim to team up is that we want to run the music business our own way.” Kudurista also praises the record label as it has done justice to the quality of Ondjodhi.

Featured on the album are artist like Morocky, Peter PHG Quaudo, Dama Monique and the Gospel artist Dnaff.

“In this song we are praying to GOD so that he can heal our land, a lot is happening we have gender-based violence which is running at a highest level.”

Though the 2015 Namibia Annual Music Award nominee for best Kizomba was not dropping albums for some time, Kudurista has done a few projects between albums including recording a track to spread awareness on Hepatise E in Namibia.

“It was an honor when I received a call from honorable Fanuel San Shivute the samora machel Constituency councilor requesting us to conceptualize on a hapetitis e song which will urge the nation to wash their hands every time after visiting the toilet and to use safe water every time.”

Kudurista is an artist who’s passionate when it came to issues being faced in Namibia such as GBV, HAPETITIS E, HIV and has even dedicated the third tack on Ondjodhi to the youth encouraging them to work hard to achieve their goals.

The album is be available on iTunes and SoundCloud, also at a variety of music stores and be available countrywide by the end of the month.


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