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Lazarus Jacobs and Knowledge Katti support King Tee Dee

On Monday after Gazza announced that he is supporting King Tee Dee on Twitter, business personalities Lazarus Jacobs and Knowledge Katti shortly followed suit.

National responses have been pouring in for King Tee Dee since it was discovered that Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz released a new version of One I Love with visuals excluding the Namibian star.

Lazarus Jacobs responded to a suggestion that King Tee Dee should also perhaps remove Diamond Platinumz verse from the song and replace it with Gazza. Tweeps responded saying the song would be an instant hit. Lazarus Jacobs said that he supports the idea, and that he and Knowledge Katti should fund the music video.

Laz Jacobs declaring his support.
Laz Jacobs asking knowledge Katti to get on board.

Knowledge Katti responded by saying he would help fund the video but it should be shot in Kombat or Neu Sommerau.

Knowledge Katti’s response.

It is still unclear if there was a breach in contract as Diamond Platnumz management stated that the two parties have signed a contract that stipulates that each artist can remake the song however they suit, provided that the beat producer Lizer Classic is in agreement. King Tee Dee has so far expressed how shocked he was to seeing the video and said he is cool but disappointed. He is yet to make an official statement on the matter.

We all know that if Gazza and King Tee Dee had to collaborate it would be hit and we surely hope they do. So far artists and entertainment industry figures have responded positively to the matter. This is attitude that is needed for the music industry to grow artist should harness each others talent and not fight one another. The Namibian spirit of unity once again prevailed.


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