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Leena Shipwata the director, model, queen of the mic, designer and so much more

Dynamic Leena Shipwata. Photo:

For her, she’s merely doing what she loves but to us, she’s the director behind the latest best thing on TV, the Saturday Breakfast show. unWrap.online sat down with the joyful multi talented vixen and had a chat about all things Leena Shipwata.

UO: Last time we spoke it was on your career taking off as an MC and a model. How has that journey been for you do far?

LS: I’m proud to say that I have mastered my art of both modelling and MC’ing, of course leaving room for improvement. Doing fashion week for the third time consecutively and having fashion designers and photographers collaborating with me are only some of the positives of my career. I must also say, word of mouth and Instagram has really helped in my career growth. I am blessed, grateful and humbled. 

UO: When did you get into the film industry or when did your interest for it spark?
LS:  Well, I am a final year media student so film has always been exposed to me. I started working on small music video sets first and only in 2015 I began shadowing videographers and making time to go visit NBC. I have directed videos of musicians and I have also worked with Topclass media and Maria Nepembe Productions on music videos.


UO: What is your role on the Saturday breakfast show?
LS: I am working on as both director and production manager. I am having so much fun working on this show and I must admit that I still get excited when I see my name Leena Shipwata- director/ production manager in the credits section on TV. Film is my new passion. Our biggest broadcasting corporation is also quite excited about it airing so that just makes me feel like I am doing something good for the industry. 

UO: Your first episode aired last weekend, how has the response been and how long did it take to put together?

LS: Gosh that’s what I say every time someone brings up the first episode. It was so much work because it was really the first time I worked with most of the people on the production team, I didn’t think I would pull through but by God’s grace, I did. We worked under pressure because we had to film, edit and still have a launch for the show. I am excited for the growth of this baby. We only had three days to put everything together and we managed. I am grateful to have passionate people on the team with me.

UO: The film industry is largely male dominated. Do you feel the pressure to fit in?
LS: My work ethic is equivalent and equal to that of a male so there isn’t much pressure for me per say. I generally bring order; enforce work and peace on a film set. I am actually also learning so much from the men on set and that feeds me in so many ways. 

UO: What is the one thing you love about working on the breakfast show and why should people tune in?

LS: The breakfast show is different. We aim to be nothing like the norm. We give you gossip or tea on the streets; bring Namibia’s favourite personalities to you and we keep you entertained all through the show. The breakfast show is for the youth looking for something spicy and entertaining on TV. So every youth in the country ought to tune in, plus we aim to market small businesses too.

The Saturday Breakfast show is hosted by personality Nangula Nanyemba and it airs every Saturday on NBC at 11H00.


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