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Lioness intends to stay at the top

By Jeoffrey Mukubi

Lioness, who is undoubtedly the biggest female rapper and one of the best rappers in the country period, plans to remain at the top of the game this year. She told unwrap.online that she’s pushing herself to fit into other musical facets of the industry.

“I’m always bringing unexpected twists and that’s me, I mean, Dj Potpher and lioness everyone knows that’s a deadly combination,” said Lioness who was referring to her latest single set to drop later this week.

Her previous project saw her collaborating with one of Ghana’s fast-rising starts J Deborie, who she says is a friend of hers. “He is extremely talented and I’ve learned so much from him,” she said.

In terms of collaborating outside the music sphere, over the past two years, Lioness has always managed to let her love for fashion shine through combining her talents with renowned designers like Simeone Johannes as well as Foxy Ginah.

“I’m definitely looking to collaborate with fashion designers outside of Namibia and doing some exciting things that don’t just mean clothing items,” she said.

Moreover, just like everybody else in the music industry, the pandemic has also taken a toll on her music career as well as her personal life.

“I’m hopeful that we will be able to work around how we can have safe shows and continue to connect with our audience. Personally I’ve been fighting it as a doctor as well and it’s really strenuous but I’m glad to contribute back to my community,” she said.

Furthermore, Lioness spoke on the matter of the Air Namibia liquidation and says that the air carrier is the nation’s pride and joy. “I think it’s seen the test of time even before COVID, it’s terribly sad to have so many people lose their jobs without a second option or security. However I’m sure the information is more than what we are told on social media and that was after careful consideration,” she concluded.

AT THE TOP: Lioness says she intends to represent Namibia internationally.

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