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Lize Ehlers talks, spices, jokes, inspiration and Ubuntu on Africa Day

Soaking in Africa’s essence and diversity from Lize Ehlers, a genuine African Namibian.

There is more to Lize Ehlers what meets the eye. At least this is the feeling one gets after engaging the versatile multiple award-winning Namibian artists.

More so on a day like this when Africans across the continent are celebrating themselves in Ubuntu.

To Ehlers inspiration comes no further than her parents who she said instilled an appreciation of family, music and the belief of moving together for success.

Lize Ehlers is uplifting women for her new single. Photos: AM Photography.

“Home is where the heart is. When will we truly start believing and investing into our own wealth of medicine, artistry and organic future that can be filled with hope? Let us support Madagascar if the use of Artemisia has been working for ill
patients. My husband Hendrik had severe malaria as a result of living through the war in Angola, he used artemisia and it worked for him for his malaria. Perhaps it works just as well for Covid-19, “said Ehlers in true solidarity of Madagascar efforts in rewriting by being the first African country to announce a remedy for COVID 19.
The bubbly Ehlers believes Africans need to harness their energy in creating more unity of purpose in whatever challenges they face today.

Her envisioned dream of a united Africa is one that goes beyond a leader’s rhetoric but backed by action.
“My love story with Africa is that just like Kwame Nkrumah Africa is born in me as much as I am born in Africa. Ubuntu or compassion is the core of our African wealth but too many have stolen our wealth and have fed themselves alone. Africa can stand so much stronger if Ubuntu is actually passionately lived, ” she said.

A well-travelled Ehlers has strong admiration on how Rwanda as a prime example has harnessed the negative energy that claimed millions in genocide two and a half decades ago to be the model of development in the country.

” I have travelled across Africa but my favourite place must be Rwanda with its melancholic beauty. You can feel the genocide in the air but you can also feel the hope & possibility. It is an incredibly beautiful & inspiring place, especially Kigali,” she said.
Perhaps more catching is her belief that love is a rainbow and it has all the colours.
” Multi-racial love is what everyone should embrace. My family is a rainbow of culture & heritage. You learn to embrace different traditions, food, folklore & best of all, you represent the world in one home. And that is what family should be. The world in one home.


“You can find love everywhere in Africa. But the deserts of Namibia will make you fall in love with mother nature and her vastness,” she said.
She said while Africa remains her pride she would visit North Africa at any moment.

“My favourite destination in Africa is Morocco. People love spices, infusion, adventure and different experiences,” she said adding that while she might not a mistress of comedy one joke tickles her any time.

“My funniest joke was when a family member wanted to ask for onion and cheese, instead she kept saying iron and cheese, please. She fell over laughing afterwards,” she said.


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