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Local music video shooting woes

Award winning artist Reeziana airs her thoughts on music video costs.

Doing anything nowadays requires money. Given the current economic status, one would think that services providers would be understanding when it comes to loading their skills and services. This is what award-winning artist Reeziana at least assumed until she got struck with reality.

The Wada singer took to her Facebook page yesterday airing her grievances on the high costs of shooting music videos in Namibia. According to her, videographers charge an arm and a leg in a status that read:
“ Lawd your children are charging us 20k for music videos in this our Namibian economy”
She further wrote a following post questioning if it is worth it at all saying:
“Imagine paying 20k for a video and trace Africa rejects it and you only get 3k views on YouTube.”
There were several of her followers who like her believe that price is indeed too high, labelling it ‘daylight robbery.
Others and artist manager AB commented saying that might not make sense now but she should work with what she can afford.

Reeziana recently released a single off her new album One Shot that is available on Donlu Africa. Despite the economic crunch, we hope to see more visuals from the queen of the kasi!


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