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Local personalities unite to defend DJ Ambizzy

Wilka Kayoko

DJ and businessmen Desmond Shipanga better known as Birdies discriminated against Albinos after refusing to pay Dj Asserdeep for an ‘All White Party’ held at Garden Inn in the capital last weekend.

DJ Ambizzy called out Birdies took who apparently said “This guy can invite DJ Obza from South Africa, but can’t pay my money for performing last week Saturday at Garden Inn.

He continued to say, ” Talk is cheap. Pay up. The same way you want others to respect your business is the same way you should respect someone else’s business. Pay Asserdeep’s money, talk less and pay up.

Shipanga responded to Dj Ambizzy saying,”That’s why God made DJ Ambizzy an albino, because he is abnormal”

Unbothered DJ Ambizzy replied with laughing emojis which triggered Birdies who why on to say, ” That’s why I don’t respond to albinos”.

This remark by Birdies upset social media followers including Influencers and other celebrities such as DJ Spuzza.

” You see when you pretend to be a man of God and a man that prays situations like these will expose you for you really are… How dare you use Gods name to slander the next man. I done lost every bit of respect I had for you!!!’ said Spuzza.

Birdies however retracted his comments via a statement.
“I unconditionally apologise to DJ Ambizzy and to any other person whose livelihoods or wellbeing may have been affected by my speech, but an apology is not enough, it may never be,” he said.

He added that he will be committing financial assistance and other forms of support to the Namibian Albino Association.

He also added that they have paid the respective DJs and will be reviewing their cash flow policies and ensure that creatives are paid on time.

The Namibian Albino Association assists in raising awareness towards issues that affect people living with Albinism in Namibia.

Personalities including Knowledge Ipinge, Lioness and Nguvi Mberirua showed their support towards DJ Ambizzy on Twitter with #JusticeForAmbizzy.

“We all have an obligation to say no to the excessive abuse and discrimination against people with albinism,” Ipinge wrote.

“Discrimination should have no place in our society. DJ Ambizzy is on of the most kind hearted people as well, he really didn’t deserve the hate speech,” Mberirua added.


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