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Lockdown Thrive debuts with American Gary Harris

Uniting artists from across the globe the Namibian way!

Johannes Orr

Since the start of the lockdown, we have seen plenty of artists and organizations having music shows on their social media platforms joining the list is award-winning artist Adora with her show called the Lockdown Thrive which will be live-streamed on her Instagram account every Wednesday and Saturday at 18:00.

The Lockdown thrives main aim is to engage artists from all over the world on how COVID-19 has affected the music industry with elements of fun games and live performances.

The first episode had saxophone player Gary Harris from Georgia in the United States of America, who has been playing the saxophone for 35 years now and has worked with popular group Outkast as well.

During the live streaming, Gary shared his experience of travelling the world, exploring cultural diversity and his fond memories of Namibia. The saxophonist couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful, embracing the people of Namibia are and just like any other visitors he also made a turn at Single Quarters for some renowned Kapana. “I never have eaten so much meat in my life and there was meat everywhere,” Gary said.

The music industry is also facing the negative effects of COVID-19 in the states, Gary stated that it’s the most difficult time for artists. The challenge is money and how some artists will find it hard to bounce back after the lockdown.

In terms of a relief fund, some private organizations and unions have come together to assist artists in the states Gary noted.

Gary Harris performed a saxophone cover of Sim Di A which is also nominated for the NAMA’s song of the year. Gary’s performance was the highlight of the show, his smooth rendition of the song got views falling in love with the song all over again and he made the song his own while still keeping to the original song.

“It was fun working on the song because it has various instruments within it,” Gary said.

He most definitely knows his way around a saxophone, and it’s magical.

On Saturday you can expect Amarulah hitmaker Roberto from Zambia on the Lockdown Thrive with Adora.


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