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Loop Sessions come to Namibia

By Jeoffrey Mukubi

Nghishy Muniaro known to many as DJ Musketeer has always been a groundbreaking and creative entrepreneur and this time around he decided to come up with another innovative show which is tailor-made for local producers called the Loop Sessions.

Loop Sessions is an event where beatmakers come together to showcase their skills in a specific format.

“It works like this A curator will choose three songs. The beatmakers then have to sample them to make an original beat. They can either choose as little as a kick from one song or as much as whole sections of all three songs. There are no limits to their creativity. They then have three hours to make their one-minute beat live at the venue. After the three hours, there will be a showcase where all produced beats will be played live – one after the other. This gives the creatives a chance to discuss their process as well as exchange ideas,” DJ Musketeer said.
According to him, the idea is not entirely a new one, but it is the first chapter in Africa.

“The first Loop Sessions started in 2016 in Montréal, Canada and over time, the event has grown into a network that has more than 30 chapters worldwide. The aim of Loop Sessions is to create stronger communities of beatmakers locally and around the world. There is always a healthy exchange of ideas, as well as networking opportunities. We are very humbled by being able to have one of Namibia’s most accomplished beatmakers, Gina Jeanz, as our first curator. Her knowledge in music creation and the music business makes her the perfect candidate,” He added.

DJ Musketeer also said that the aim of the local chapter is, as with the other chapters, to build a stronger community for beatmakers. More importantly, however, there is a great opportunity for local beatmakers to be heard around the world and thus being able to build a name for Namibian music as a whole.

“The means of doing that would be the interesting thing. The possibilities are really great. When I glimpse into the future of Loop Sessions Namibia, I imagine great things. I would like to look into having beat workshops, where veteran beatmakers can share their knowledge with beginners. I would love for there to be a platform for collaborations with vocalists from all genres, from rappers to singers to poets; a sort of “From Loop to Song” series. There are so many possibilities, but I will have to see how big the response is from beatmakers. I believe that if we build a strong community as beatmakers, other stakeholders will be forced to pay attention to us,” Musketeer said.

‘First of its kind’ events can always be tricky but DJ Musketeer believes that if the concept is good enough on paper then the possibility of it working out in real life is even greater.
“I think an event like this can work. I can never be sure, but I believe the concept. Many of us beat makers create in solitude. There are many reasons for this, but through my own experiences in the scene, I see a need to come together and start networking. Sometimes we forget that we are all soldiers fighting for the same cause. In essence, beatmakers are the ones who get to shape the sound for Namibia, what is deemed Namibian music, stands and fall with us. If one of us wins, we all win. Gina for example is based in Cape Town and is an ambassador of Namibian music creation; her winning makes South Africans pay attention to us. If we build a strong beat-making community the quality of Namibian music can greatly improve. It’s also about creating a platform for artists to discover unknown talent to collaborate with. In essence, it will create a database of local beatmakers” he said.

DJ Musketeer said that the event is definitely going to be a regular one. “I will gauge the interest. For now, it will be every second month, but if the demand grows I will look towards having it more frequently. It all depends on the community and the public is welcome to hang at the venue and observe the beatmakers the space is limited, however.”

First sessions are slated for Saturday 17 April from 14h00 at Vinyals


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