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Lucifer’s Demons, a taste of Jericho’s new album

Despite his tricks, God is still greater.

Hip hop artist Jericho is working on some sweet melodies that are expected to blow us away once released. The newly turned gospel singer says the space he is in right now makes him much happier compared to his old self. The award-winning singer released his first single from the soon to be released album to wet his fans taste buds and to show them what to expect on the upcoming project.

Jericho says the song Lucifer’s Demons is an illustration that despite Lucifer and his tricks, there is still a God who is served. Jericho shows off his lyrical skills and shows that he’s still got it and he can give it despite having his life to God. The song is currently available on NamibiaMusic.com. unWrap.online had an interview with the Christian rapper who spoke about his new living hood, music and the future.

unwrap.online (U): This is your first gospel album, what can people expect?
Jericho (J): This will be my first hip-hop Gospel album. The sound will still be the same although lyrics will be a bit different also life motivational. This album is just to thank God for all the things he had proved to me again that he is a living God and believing he can make miracle changes.
U: Will there be a change in sound from your past projects?
J: The album is 90’%, done and sounds heavenly beautiful and mature. It’s a pity I don’t have a lot of woman on this album but the people I have on it made justice vocal wise and I am proud to be putting this album together. If you listen to all my old albums you would always hear how influential God has been to me throughout the years.
U: Would you say there is a change in your life since you gave your life to Christ both in living and career?
J: Yes definitely. This path I am walking has already years before my birth been laid out. You still hear Jericho in my songs, the sound and the energy is the same. Now I talk the way I am supposed to and my spirit is growing by the day and I am way happy than what I use to be. I will forever be grateful for my Jesus Center Family, D-Naff, Pandu and the Apostle for never giving up on me and for their guidance.


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