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Luis and Ria to add exclusive sparkle for fans

What more could these two personalities’ fans ask for? TV producer Luis Munana and film director Maria Nepembe will soon be revealing their new glamorous websites.

The websites will be jam-packed with all their work, and extra exclusive content that has never made it to social media. But even better fans can expect to check out their endorsements and more extended news from social media. According to the Maria’s manager, Thomas Iitula the websites are revamped in line with the two personalities’ brands and rebranding.

“Websites play a vital role as platforms where potential endorsement companies can collect more information about them. Moreover, their fans wanted more content so we are making the website the hub for more exclusive content,” said Thomas Iitula.

On Wednesday, Luis took to his social media informing fans about the launching of the individual websites. The launch and exclusive premiere of the two websites will be taking place at Panarottis on 18th of October 2019. The public is invited to join the exclusive premier of the sites free of charge, mingles and take selfies.


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