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Magogoz’s Unfinished business out tomorrow

Remaining two members of Magogoz are dropping their second studio album titled Unfinished Business.

The group started off in 2006 as backup dancers during their high school years and broke into the main stream music in 2014 with their debut track titled Mamutjavi off their first album The Anticipated Big 4. The group at the time consisted of four members namely, Chubby beats, Bobby WVDK, Shoza and Makuva. In 2018 however group members Bobby & Chubby left to peruse becoming solo artists.

The currently existing recording artist under Skim101 records, Shoza (Shafa Oscar) and Makuva (Sion Mushinga) are still determined to keep Magogoz in the spotlight. So far, the duo had released three singles and music video this year and just for emphasis, come tomorrow, Magogoz will be dropping their second album, Unfinished Business.

The album will consist of 13 tracks with amazing features like Franklin, J-Black, DJ Spuzza, Beix, John, Longizo, Karishma, Cursive, Bobby, Chubby Beats, Don Kamati & a few other local artists. Producing on this album will be producers like Elvo, Andrew on the beat & Chubby beats.

You too can pre-order a hard copy of Unfinished Business for N$150-00 and have it delivered to you 2 November 2019. For further enquiries on how to get your hands on this album contact the Magogoz from their contact information provided a post from Instagram or just sent out an email to the group on magogozskim@gmail.com.


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