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Make way for King Kidd

He is here, to disrupt the industry in a good way.

Vibrant and talented aspiring artist King Kidd already has a few hits to his name that are being appreciated and enjoyed by the who’s and who’s of Namibia and it is about time the rest of country gets with the program.
having being introduced to the music game in 2009, Peter Mugoli who is known as King Kidd is a songwriter and singer who has big dreams for his music and Namibia.

” I kept it super low key that nobody knew until I started getting in trouble with my teachers because of writing rhymes in the middle and back of my school books and textbooks. Six years later I recorded my first song in 2015,” he says.
King Kidd considers himself a jack of all trades as he can kill in all genres however he has a soft spot for hip hop for reasons close to his heart.

“I’m mainly focused on hip hop because I get to tell a story subliminally and touch someone’s life as I realized most of my fans relate to the things I speak about and that’s why they nag me to send them the songs instead of links to them hehe. But the main reason as to why I do this kind of music is because music is a universal language and it spreads across borders to depths we cannot imagine. I see it as some kind of a remedy because I get to touch lives, make peoples day or turn their grooves on while having fun doing it, as that is what drives me to the studio every day to keep on going,” he says.

King Kidd released his album earlier this year and he says he had not always had it easy. The Bad Boyfriend singer recalls being told that his music is not Namibian enough and instead of this breaking his spirits, it made him a greater person and artist.

“After countless people telling me my songs don’t sound Namibian, I came to realize that I have a completely different sound. My drive, my ambition, and hunger to make more makes me stand out from other people in the industry,” he said.

His album, Julius Ceaser is currently available on Donlu Africa and iTunes as well as YouTube. king Kidd prides himself in being an independent artist and being solely responsible for all his work which has been well received by the public.


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