Home Music Massive quarantine dance hall collabo mix coming soon

Massive quarantine dance hall collabo mix coming soon

Get your dancing shoes on because it is about to be a Don Kamati party!

The quarantine period is about to be lit as the king of Namibian new age dance hall music Don Kamati is about to bless music lovers with some jams on his soon to be released collaboration mix. Speaking to unwrap.online, the superstar says this is an out of the box idea initiated by award-winning DJ Alba to not only thank his fans with some work as his album is overdue but to show that there are different ways of delivering music.

The mix will be comprised of the artists hit collabo tracks with the likes of artists such as Sally Boss Madam, DJ Kbozz, DJ Spuzza and King Elegant to mention a few. Keep an eye on Don Kamati’s social mediums because it is about to get hot in the centre!


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