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Mavis Braga launches website


Award winning blogger Mavis Braga has launched a website where individuals can get the hang of self-development, self-determination and self-love.

“My love letter to you. I decided to pour myself into this website and it’s because with everyone who has a cup that runneth over, it’s their responsibility to make sure they pour into someone else’s cup,” Mavis told fans in an Instagram caption.

The philanthropist says she saw the necessity of having a website considering the eight years that she has been writing. “When you grow on a writing journey there comes a time when you have to tailor your content to be able to be consumed a lot better. I have been trying to get to a place where whoever consumes my content walks away with something. It’s not necessarily about what I give out but about what one can learn from what I give out,” explained Mavis.

 www.mavisbraga.com  is a platform where Mavis consolidates the work she puts out. It features her profile as a speaker, author and philanthropist; her journal on the Journey of Becoming as well as her blog. 

The website also allows you to purchase Mavis’ products including her bold statement T-shirts that read ‘My worth is not up for discussion’. According to Mavis, the core message of the T-shirts is self-affirmation. 

“No woman’s worth is up for discussion. Every woman deserves to be treated with utmost respect and live in a society that celebrates her. Therefore, if you wear these and there is an understanding that your worth is not up for discussion then you live it,” she said.

T-shirts can be purchased at 160 NAD.


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