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Meet Camilla main character in Baxu and the Giants

From nabbing her first award nomination at 10 years and in her first film, Camilla says Baxu and the Giants has paved a path she is ready to take on.

It didn’t take auditions of ten or twenty but forty girls to find the lead character !Hubaxu. 10-year-old Camilla Joann Daries plays the role of !Hubaxu in the local film Baxu and the Giants that premiered last night. The bubbly Camilla recalls how her mother sent her to go for auditions at church.
“I read the scripts two times and I got all my lines. The next day I received a call saying I was selected. Man was I not happy,” she recalls.

Although it may be a first for Camilla she says it was not hard to find her feet.

“When we started shooting I was very shy to work with unfamiliar people but I eventually got comfortable around them and I did everything well. I enjoyed my role very much. Baxu’s characters are exactly as mine, therefore, it wasn’t hard to find Baxu in me,” she expressed.

Camilla and the late ANNA Louw on Baxu and the Giants

The young thespian assured that this is not the last for her as she aspires to become a household name in the Namibian film industry.
“Initially, I wanted to become a singer but now that I discovered my talent I want to continue acting. And who knows I might even get to sing in the films I act,” narrates Camilla.

Baxu and the Giants has not only opened doors for Camilla but has also taught her about poaching. “I never knew anything on poaching I learned everything on set. The film has taught me that animals are part of our lives, they have everything that humans have therefore we should protect our animals for future generations,” she said.

Camilla plays the role of a young girl who pursued a grinding halt to poaching. Living with her grandmother and her brother who is the breadwinner of the family, !Hubaxu became suspicious of her brother Khata. Curiosity led her to the reality of her poaching brother’s life and helplessly !Hubaxu witnessed the gruesome killing of a rhino. Disheartened !Hubaxu couldn’t let it continue she successfully fought to save the lives of the rhinos.
Baxu and the Giants deftly paint the grim sync of poverty and poaching and it compassionately chronicles the collective efforts that can be made in bringing cease to rhino poaching.

The riveting film nabbed seven nominations in the 2019 Namibia Theatre and Film Awards. Interestingly, Camilla has also been nominated in the Namibia Film Awards in the Female Actor category. She says that although it makes her happy, she’s also very nervous about the nomination.


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