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Meet Miss High School North top 12

Ready to take on one of the biggest northern pageantries, Miss High School North top 12 finalists speak on the importance of the competition.

The community event that brings together schools and organizations is soon to take place in Ondangwa for 2019 once again. With 12 contestants ready to battle it out on 18 December for the crown, unwrap.online managed to get in touch with the girls the importance of the event and here is what they have to say.

Lusia Angula

What I think of miss high school north: I think this is an excellent platform for young talented ladies or teenagers to showcase their work or modelling skills to also prepare them for bigger competitions like miss Namibia, miss Universe and many others. This platform also helps this models notch were they stand at the time, what they need to change or practice to be better as they say practice makes perfect.

Mpasi Saima

I strongly believe that MHSN is a platform that enables the young and visionary to show showcase talents through Beauty Pageant and public speaking thus showing and motivating young girls out there to never let go of their dreams because being rent is what makes us beautiful and unique .

Katrina Mwaanynenge

I strongly believe that the MHSN platform serves as a gateway to greener modelling pastures for aspiring young models from Northern Namibian high schools. On an individual level, it gives young women an opportunity to fulfil their ambition and to enrich themselves with experience and knowledge from fellow contestants selves as young ladies along the journey.

Olevia Shipanga

It’s a great start to expose the youth about the various opportunities life has to offer and a great confidence booster.

Lydia stephanus

Miss high school north is a very amazing platform? it comes with a lot of adventurous moments, this platform can open up doors to our future modelling? careers as it serves as an experience we can add to our resumes it also boots our confidence as some models are shy beings. Lastly it is a great marketing strategy since models can get Free items that promote different businesses.

Rossina Kalimba

Miss high school north is a very empowering platform that allows girls from different schools in the northern regions of Namibia to stand up and stand out with confidence and to believe in the beauty of their dreams. It also promotes a certain togetherness among the female gender that they can lift one another.

Ndapewaoshali Joel

What I think about this platform is it was brought up to motivate and inspire young talented girls and give the opportunity to people who have brands to give in there to be promoted by the models taking part in the platform. It’s a very good experience in taking part in Miss High school What.

Takwatha Imene

I am very happy to be partaking in miss high school north because it’s a dream come true this pageant creates a networking platform where I get to meet beautiful young ladies and work with them plus take them as sisters it also gives me the chance to outcast my modelling gift because it’s a content that I deeply love and have been doing it eversince I was ever since I also get to gain experience and learn a lot from the modelling world.

Leena Shipindo

The majority say that modelling is tough and weird. Yes, it is true but, through determination and confidence, I believe that nothing is difficult. MHSN is a bit challenging but, modelling is about losing and winning…you just have to accept what is meant to be! One has to work hard for what she is aiming for. I hate thinking that I am better than anyone else because, for dust I am and to dust, I shall return. Through my confidence and to all my supporters, I posses the ” I can do it” attitude !!!

lydia Usko

I would like to say MHSN is both an honour and a huge responsibility to me since I have to fulfil all the rules in before I showcase my talent on stage,MHSN is a quilt pleasure to me because I feel like it’s my time to showcase my talent on the big day and as well all the fun activities we had ,and on the other hand I feel like it’s more of a challenging competition whereby I have to face in order to have the characteristic of being a winner of the night show. I can say the road to MHSN it not easy

Petrus Sophia

I Believe Its Platform Is To Promote The Talent In The Northern Part Of The Country Where Opportunities Are Rare For Young Girls To Showcase Their Modelling Talents So I Believe That Through Miss High School North,different Girls From Different Northern High School Are Able To Compete And Showcase A Part Of Them, Not Only To The Northen Namibians But Also To The Rest Of The Country And I Believe That Is Striving For Their Own Dreams And Successes Through This Prestigious Organised Beauty Pageant, miss High School North.


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