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Meriam Kaxuxwena looses another dog to fast food

MK posts an emotional video mourning her dog.

This is such a sad evening for renowned model Meriam Kaxuxwena as she let her fans know about the passing of her puppy. The model who has had jobs this year in countries such as Portugal earlier posted a video of her feeding her dog fried chicken from KFC and she made reference to her late dog that passed away. MK posted two emotional videos where she shared the news of the black and white puppy gobbling up the piece of chicken with a caption that read:

“Rest in peace my baby. My dog died today. All you evil people with your evil spirits God will punish you soon. This is a big loss in my life I need to go to church.”

Assumptions have been made that the first dog passed away after having eaten Hungry Lion. Her followers have shared advise including MK not feeding her dogs with spicy oily food as it is not healthy for dogs.

MK posted another video with sombre music and a visibly upset MK. This time she warned ovalodi which is a term when loosely translated to English meaning witches.

” Rest in peace doggy. I can’t believe my puppy is gone. Ovalodi I see you.”



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