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Michelle McLean to promote Namibia’s tourism industry

Miss Universe titleholder Michelle McLean shares her ideas on helping the tourism sector.

In a recent interview with the reigning Miss Namibia Nadja Breytenbach, Michelle McLean who was crowned Miss Namibia 1991 and Miss Universe 1992 shared the importance of investing in the country’s tourism industry.


Emphasising on the package that comes with being Miss Namibia, Michelle said the title is not about becoming famous and making money but rather an opportunity to create one’s business, promote their brand and inspiring many women out there.

Michelle who owns pageant and life coaching companies, as well as Africa’s Finest Safaris amongst other ventures, says what keeps her motivated is knowing that not everything will be a success. “Some things will fail but the one thing about success is that you must be able to stand up again and go,” she said. 

“My heart bleeds for the businesses, the tourism sector as well as everyone suffering during this time in Namibia. Despite what happens, we are resilient as Namibians and we have to support each other especially the tourism industry which is probably 60% or more of our country’s  GDP,” she further stated. 

Michelle, however, expressed hope saying that looking at the future possibilities she is ecstatic to start working with the tourism board and Namibia’s ambassador to America. We will make sure that we promote Namibia to its full capacity of tourism when the pandemic lifts, ” she assured.  

Speaking during the interview, Miss Namibia 2019 expressed that she is aware of the responsibilities that come with the title and chooses positivity during these trying times. Although she is unable to carry out her charity work at the moment Nadja says that there is always something positive to take out of something negative.

 “ I can’t be there in person but I can use social media to raise awareness,” she said. 

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