Home News Misery for artists as public gatherings remain banned

Misery for artists as public gatherings remain banned

Namibian creatives will have to dig deeper into their artistic minds to find a financially viable way of surviving for the next six months after President Hage Geingob kept the state of emergency effective.


However, he has lifted the lockdown to strike a balance between business and health albeit under very tightly controlled conditions.

Among the activities that will now be allowed will include businesses and, hair salons as well as barbershops and normal operations in the service industry.

“The Head State of Emergency declared on 17 March 2020 will remain in force for a
period of 6 months and may be extended, subject to the changing country situation. In conformity with global guidelines on the national response to COVID- 19, Namibia has adopted 4 stages of restrictions,” President Geingob said.

He said under stage 1 of the lockdown lifting government will introduce a gradual re-opening under Strict Precautions, from Tuesday 05
May 2020 to 2nd June 2020.

” Stage 3 will see more moderate precautions and could come into effect from the 2nd of June 2020 to 30 June 2020. The final STAGE 4 from 30 June 2020 will introduce a new normal and could last until the end of the State of Emergency,” he said.

He said each stage of restriction will have an average observance period of two incubation periods, which is 28 days.

During STAGE 2 the following measures will apply to all Namibians:

  1. All members of the public are required to wear facemasks in public spaces.
    The government will assist vulnerable persons to acquire masks.
  2. People will be permitted to travel domestically between regions and within
  3. In addition to fulfilling the established protocols, the following businesses
    will be allowed to resume, subject to specified conditions:

Restaurants to continue operating on a take-away basis as before. The buying and selling of alcohol are prohibited.

Kapana traders may only operate for takeaway and private consumption.
Beauty, Hair Dressers & Barbers subject to proper personal protective equipment.

Laundromats and Tailors: subject to proper personal protective

He also added that:

  1. The following activities are deemed to be high-risk under the circumstances and will not be permitted to resume activity during STAGE 2. These are:
    a. Theatres and cinemas;
    b. Gyms and exercise centres;
    c. Contact sports and sporting events;
    d. Gambling houses and nightclubs;
    e. Liquor outlets, Bars and Shebeens;
    f. Entertainment events and concerts; seminars, conferences, workshops and summits.


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