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Mixed emotions over the MTC Knockout Project

The MTC Knockout Project advert according to many is promoting violence instead of advocating for change.While one can say the MTC Knockout Project is great initiative meant to bring change and ultimately an end to Gender Based Violence ( GBV) towards women, others people felt triggered and are of an opinion that violence can not be curbed through violence.

The event which is scheduled to take place tomorrow has various Namibian public figures going head to head in the ring to fight GBV and all the money generated will be used for a good cause. Many people on the other hand are not so supportive of the initiative and are unhappy on how they went by to create an advert for it. With some questioning how fights between artists and public figures are going to bring change or solve the GBV crisis in Namibia. The question is how will it bring end to GBV in Namibia?

I personally believe MTC is using the wrong format in addressing such a critical situation. The advert is very disturbing and that’s a fact. When they came up with the concept for it, they didn’t have the victims of GBV in mind and it shows. Have they thought how it would affect the victims if they see this advert? Even though few people are in support of this advert, majority of people are unhappy and expressed their feelings via various social media platforms and this are the comments.
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