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MTC hands over N$ 1 183 340

By Staff Reporter

The Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia (SDFN) and the Dolam’s Children Home received their share N$ 1 183 340 after MTC and some Namibian personalities hosted a successful second edition of the MTC Knockout Project.

The show, which was held on 3 October 2020 saw the personalities that included the likes of Maria Nepembe, Ricardo Manetti, Luis Munana and Che Ulenga had to lip-sync and perform popular Namibian songs like the artist would on a stage. According to MTC’s Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Tim Ekanjo, who spoke at the handing over event, the Shack Dwellers Federation received the biggest chunk of the share, which is N$1 million that will be used to construction 25 houses.

This is because they have proven to successfully construct affordable housing for low-income earners. Ten houses are planned to be built in Tsumkwe in the Otjozondjupa region, 8 in Gochas in the //Karas region, and 7 in Hardap’s Gibeon, respectively. Dolam’s Children Home has received the remaining N$183 340 because the home provides modern and safe facilities for children as well as makes sure they have access to education and health services.

At present, there are 20 children staying at the Home and 43 who come every morning for meals. Ekandjo explained that subsequent to a successful hosting of the project, a committee consisting of various MTC Knockout Project sponsors was set up to vet and decide how and to whom the funds can be disbursed.

“Immediately after the event, a committee was set up and tasked to find ways of better disbursing the funds collected. Upon long deliberations, and consultations, an agreement was reached to partner up with minds that are privy to and well versed in matters of housing. That is how the two beneficiaries were picked.”

SDFN representative, Edith Mbanga, said that “Namibia is truly facing a backlog of housing, and when collaborations of this nature happen, we will be able to accommodate and provide decent houses to more people.” Dolam Children’s Home, patron Rosa Namises, expressed appreciation to MTC and its partners for a caring gesture. “We are grateful, because with this assistance, we will be able to assist more children who are currently roaming in the streets. Our idea is to build a library, a safe and conducive space that encourages kids to become avid readers and stay away from the streets.”


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