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MTC Knockout Project reaches target to fight homelessness

The thrilling and notably the event highlight of the year in the country, the MTC Knockout Project held on 3 October 2020 generated amounts to N$1,183,340 compared to last year’s N$841,320 to fight the scourge of homelessness.
The target was to raise funds to the tune of N$1 million. A total of 36,700 people watched the event online consequent to COVID 19 regulations that did not allow gatherings of more than 50 persons at the time.

The was revealed today at a press briefing at the giant telco’s head office with MTC’s Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Officer Tim Ekandjo and sponsors declared the event a success.

The event saw 29 personalities walk up the stage to perform two hit songs of Namibian artists,
putting on a well-choreographed performance in what has become a night that needs to be
repeated for Namibia.

“The event in so many ways. From the one end, as a nation we started steering the conversations about homelessness from the comfort of our homes and social gatherings. Secondly, as a nation we finally could come together, let go of our differences and financially bolster this course,” said Ekandjo.

“We would like the thank the sponsors who came on board. Secondly, we would like the thank Namibia who during the new normal brought upon by COVID 19 still supported the event and were with us from the beginning. This goes to show that Namibians can indeed sit on the same table to discuss social ills affecting society,” Ekandjo added.

Sponsors to the event have deliberated steps on how to fruitfully put the proceeds to good use. The committee established which consists of co-sponsors to the event will this soon send out a call for expression of interest to the public to invite organizations with expertise on how to resolve or better the scourge of homelessness. Proposals received will thereafter be placed under committee scrutiny to do due diligence and award favorable organization(s), initiatives and courses.

Representing the committee Tuafi Shafombabi from National Housing Enterprise said it is
commendable that Namibia came out in numbers to support.

“We would like to thank all sponsors and personalities who made this possible. We will not deliberate on how best we can utilize the funds raise, of course with proposals from the field in combating homelessness,” she said.

Sponsors NamibMills, Namport, Nedbank, NamibRe, MTN, NHE, Standard Bank, Shoprite, UNFPA, Standard Bank, Huawei, Bank of Namibia, MMI, Bank Windhoek, Letshego, Profile Investments,NAMDIA, Huawei, SCE, Nampower, Shanghadi Cleaning, Salute Trading and Namalwa Trading backed the event.

“I have a new found respect for artists and those in the creative industry. It was not an easy night [3 October] but we surely had fun. On behalf of all the personalities, we are proud to have been part of this course,” said Luis Munana who on the night performed as Sunny Boy.


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