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MTF masterclass a gold mine for filmmakers

What is better than an opportunity to upskill your talents at your own pace and leaving the lockdown period with new knowledge? 

As one of the leading organisations in the arts and entertainment industry, MultiChoice has partnered up with Dolby to offer free online masterclasses to upskill emerging creatives and seasoned professionals in the
Film and TV industry. The classes that take place online every Thursday offer
exclusive access to practical, industry expert-led skills workshops that afford film and television professionals the ability to interact and learn from the best in Africa.

Speaking to Levana Cloete the corporate affairs manager on the benefits of the classes to Namibian creatives, she says it is a once in a lifetime free opportunity to be used during the pandemic while people are at home. 

” Given the uncertainty, we are faced with as a business we are making sure, through the MTF, that we provide a platform to upskill creatives. Through the MTF interventions, we are always looking for ways to keep creatives informed while igniting the creative industry across Africa, ” she said. 

The Produce Like a Pro!  20-module masterclasses on production from pre to post, although taking place on Thursday’s, are also saved on the portal which enables creatives to work at their own pace. 
The Produce Like a PRO! series is also rooted in breaking down the barriers of access to
industry information and instead ensuring that veteran knowledge and experience is passed onto the next generation of African storytellers. The series also compliment recorded masterclasses which address industry concerns such as accessibility, opportunity, and quality in local productions.

The MTF is hosting a webinar on ‘Setting up a 5.1 Session and Mix Environment’ tomorrow at 13:00.

Through this webinar mix engineers will learn how to set up a 5.1 mix room and get a hang of certain rules that will put them in a good place when working on any visual content that needs a 5.1 mix.

Questions about where to perfectly position speakers, dialogue and voiceover, music tracks as well as ambience and atmosphere sound effects will be answered in this session.

The webinar will be hosted by Vikram Joglekar, a senior content manager at Dolby Labs and Quinton Schmidt, a senior manager operator partnership at Dolby Labs.

Be part of this webinar by registering at www.multichoicetalentfactory.com


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