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NAGN launches #WhatsYourStory

By Jeoffrey Mukubi

Everyone has a story, a moment, an experience, a history, an emotion and even social activism. This was the theme at the #WhatsYourStory exhibition opening where 82 artists are currently exhibiting their artworks at the National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN).

The artworks were curated by the NAGN and because of the pandemic, the exhibition was ultimately set up as a biennale.

“The artists know how to deepen our spiritual connections and create intellectuality but if the artist is hopeless or walks around without faith, we are not getting to where we need to get and that’s why the National Arts Council needs to make the initiatives that we are making for an artist to be in a chair where they choose to invest,” said Chairperson of the NAC, Patrick Sam at the opening of the exhibition.

The initiative was a response to the effects and impact of the Covid-19 global pandemic, and the NAGN’s partnership with the artists saw them providing the artists with an honorarium fee, supplying them with art material, space at the gallery as well as on the NAGN website.

“I think that what the NAGN did for us during these times shows how much they are invested in preserving and supporting not only art but public art as a whole,” said Samuel Matengu, who was one of the visual artists exhibiting at the NAGN.

Among the 82 artists that are exhibiting their work are newcomers like Anna Shalihu, Zuluboy, as well as veteran visual artists like Ndako Nghipandulwa, Frans Nambinga and Hage Nasheotwalwa.

All in all Namibian visual artists from all corners of Namibia got an opportunity to share their stories.

NOW OPEN: Make time to pop in to see what Namibian creatives have to offer.

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