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Namibia Rockstar Awards full nominee list

These Namibian hardworking personalities just scored themselves nominations and now and now need your help to vote for them!

The Rockstar Awards have hit the Namibian shores and here is who you can vote for to come out as winners in the recently launched continental awards.

The Rockstars also known as The Rockstar Awards are the first Africa Continental awards in history for recognizing the most powerful, highly acclaimed and most influential personalities from the African continent, and personalities from across the rest of the world, with influence on and relevant to audiences on the African continent. The Rockstars recognize the most influential personalities of African origin on the planet across music, entertainment, gaming, film, media, sport, environment and conservation, sustainable fashion, beauty, arts, business, leadership, and innovation.

The Namibians nominated include:
Glam Star – Dillish Mathews, Rising Star – Top Cheri, ShowBiz Star – Swakopmund The Dome, Afropop Star – Sally and Top Cheri, Deckstar – Dj Alba, Live Star – Skrypt, Game Changer – Tim Ekandjo, Mega Mogul – Tim Ekandjo and Star City – Swakopmund

The first group of nominees was announced live from Windhoek, Namibia with Nigeria, Kenya, Angola, Ghana, Tanzania, Senegal, Uganda, Zambia, and South Africa to follow respectively. As The Rockstars is an award recognizing the most influential African personalities across the continent and across the globe, accordingly the total list of nominees will be split into parts and announced over a series of announcements made live from several host countries covering all corners across the African continent across a series of consecutive dates, inclusive of the major Pan African languages English, French, Portuguese and Kiswahili.

Keep an eye on the Rockstar social media pages for more announcements including the host country and


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