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Namibia’s Cotton Eater still hungry for more

By Jeoffrey Mukubi

Just like many slang words that reach our shores or cross our borders, the term Cotton-Eater was first uttered in South Africa and as soon as it blew up in Namibia, Silvanus Remember Ndiweda (23) popularly known as Kati The Cotton Eater crowned himself Namibia’s very first cotton eater.

Growing up in Okurangava, Ndiweda’s decision to venture into the fashion world was largely based on the fact that the stylists in Namibia were not being active enough. “There’s not enough motive behind the Namibian fashion industry and many stylists aren’t active.

Ndiweda’s style is largely influenced by South Africa’s very own Cotton Eater and rapper, Riky Rick and by his mother. “My style has brought major waves in the country, the style is respected and now a culture of looking flamboyant and different is really growing and already has started in Okuryangava,”

The Cotton Eater has styled the likes of Topcheri, Exit, Tate Buti, Ees, Ethnix, Gazza, Dj Vuyo, Manxebe, and Cardinal Max just to mention a few. He has also made appearances in various music videos like ‘Take Me Back’ by Dj Shoza, Saka by PDK, and Ondjee by Tshasimana.

This year he wants to go one up and not only style the biggest Namibian personalities, but go beyond the border and conquer international stages. “I want to style Riky Rick, President Hage Geingob, Micheal Amushelelo, Collin Venani and Meriam kaxuxwena, But the list is too long I can’t mention all of them,”

He further says that many fashion designers don’t consult stylists even though the country hosts a plethora of creative people.
“Our fashion marketing is at its lowest, therefore fashion creatives should work together and create jobs, at least in three years’ time we can achieve big moves as one,”

Ndiweda’s Kati Cottoneating Company has now grown and he has employed other youthful individuals who he says will lift Namibian fashion to even greater heights.
“With the addition of Ndemufayo Shilunga as the Creative Director and Co-stylist, the team is still growing and we still networking to take our reach further than Africa, so we still scouting for the best creative minds to add to Kati Cottoneating. Don’t allow bad energies to ruin your dreams

because you are destined for greatness in God’s eyes,” He adds.
He urges every Namibian citizen to adopt the Namibian cotton culture by looking flamboyant and different so that the influence reaches the rest of the world.

“Give people hope and make them believe in their own dreams, make the next person accept reality, I want to us grow together and see the future together, I made styling my career my life, so please put some respect on my hustle and allow me to serve you and I promise I got you,” He concluded. Aside from styling the Cotton Eater also does poetry, public speaking and plays soccer.


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