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Namswagg serving new looks with new design

Namswagg new T designs a must have.

If you are a lover of all things local, you should probably take some notes on where to get the latest hip and happening clothing brand. We are talking about Namswagg came into existence out of love for unique style and recognition.

The idea started off as an Instagram account where founder and owner, Salomo Festus would feature quality pictures of people that looked good and represented Namibian from various backgrounds. All he wanted was to create awareness and promote the way Namibians portray their swag, which he did.


“Swagg to us is self-defined styles and wearing what you are comfortable in. The aim of Namswagg is for people to embrace their own unique way and style of dressing up, taking pride in the country and encourage people to support local and showcase to the world around us what Namibians are made of,” he said.

Namswagg has introduced new customized T-shirts and they are a must-have. This, according to the team is to improve the fashion lifestyle of Namibia through branding.

“These t-shirts are custom made with a touch of the country’s identity and are brightly branded Namswagg. Each color is unique and one ought to have three of them as they are very limited. They are selling out like hot cakes,” he said.

For more details on the shirts, follow Namswagg on Instagram.


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