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Nangula Nanyemba distances herself from Naturale

If it helps, I went through the same thing and I am sorry- Nangula Nanyemba.

Renowned model and personality Nangula Nanyemba has distanced herself from local skincare product and brand after payment scandal erupted this week. Nanyemba took to her Instagram stories where she said her peace with regards to the brand and the current events surrounding it. In her detailed snaps, she says she went through the same thing that everyone has gone through word for word and that she was not exempted.

” I also encountered tension. It was a very difficult working relationship as I also received some very colourful messages,” she said.

Nangula further said she has since asked the Naturale brand to take down her picture as it implicates her.

“It’s not me, I’m not part of their team. I just did a photoshoot. This is a lesson moving forward, I need to take better care of what I endorse,” she says.

Nanyemba also said that such treatment is wrong and she does not stand for it.

“I don’t stand for such and I don’t appreciate it especially if its with people who are in essence putting bread on your table. If it helps, I went through the same thing and I am sorry,” she said. Watch videos here.

Naturale is a Namibian owned organic skincare line that sells a blend of sweet almond and coconut oil for hair and skin treatment for a clean, clear and moisturised skin. Model Uatjiri Mbeisa yesterday shared screenshots where she is being verbally abused by Naturale founder Giuliana Sheehama for demanding their payment for advertising her products. Further screenshots provided by Mbeisa read that Naturale will not be paying her for the services she provided.

Naturale has since the incident put out an appreciation post to their supportive clients for their heartwarming comments. The post also stated that the brand is suffering a few setbacks and that they are working on improving their service delivery.


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