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Nangula Nanyemba’s life of bullies, nerds and cat walking

By: Mona Sambo

Flamboyant model and popular personality, Nangula Nanyemba’s life has not always been all glamorous, at least according to her.

While many drool over her social media pictures that portray the life of a young model who has had it all and continues to shine beyond the ramp, her past is riddled with challenges that many young girls have gone through.

She did not have the best high school experience as she was a victim of bullying. It took a live feed with Adriano Visagie, hosted by Monochrome Magazine on Instagram for her to let in the public into her experiences in the gory.

“They locked me inside a closet,” she said.

Nanyemba who besides working with social media is also a TV presenter gave her audiences a rare glimpse of a troubled young girl who could not deal with the challenges of being bullied but then again showed a superimposing figure who has managed to put it all in place and is enjoying the fruits of her hard work.

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“That’s not my life. I don’t look like that every day. It is only 10% … people don’t see me crying and suffering,” she said in an apparent reference to the social media lifestyle that she has left many accustomed to.

Nanyemba added, “I was basically a nerd … They didn’t make it easy for me. I was bullied super hard … I hated school.”

What started with jokes and teasing got to the point of physical aggression when the bullies locked her in a closed and when they cut her hair.

When asked about what she thinks of cyberbullying, Nanyemba answered “It’s not nice at all… It affects your mental health … It is malicious. I don’t understand people who do that stuff … these things affect you in the long run,” she said.

She even remembered how she dealt with one of those episodes, saying “It took a lot from me not to respond”

The popular model also said many young people are left least traumatised through cyberbullying.
“Mental health is a real issue. I know a lot of people that are unkind because of their internal struggles,” she said.


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