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Ndapewoshali breaking the glass ceiling 

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Nothing seems to stop the rise of Ndapewoshali Shapwanale alias Blommie in her circles. 

Her proverbial rise is one that has attracted applause from all media circles and leaves the bitter ones grinning with envy. 

This is not a fictional assertion but a simple story of a journalist who found growth in an industry of writing and creating influence. 

Like a blossoming flower, Blommie has shot from the daily routines of a newsroom to being both a respected astute journalist and a budding business person.

“The dreams I have sometimes scare me but I am keen to keep growing,” she said. 

Shapwanale alongside her partner Helena Ngaifiwa pulled off the recently held Simply You Lifestyle and Fashion Awards (SYMLAFA). 

The duo’s exploits are a reflection of how hard work is always rewarded.

The awards, which started a few years ago on humble beginnings have not just grown to be a household event on the Namibian entertainment calendar but also give an inspirational story of how Shapwanale has transformed her career from being a mere journalist to an entrepreneur.

Shapwanale who cut her journalism teeth at the Confidente Newspaper a few years ago before joining The Namibian, The Patriot, and eventually Eagle FM continues to rise beyond limitations.

“I still want to continue my journalism journey and obviously doing it at my own time as well as my business,” she said. 

While many journalists have in the past moved to Public Relations, and Communication, she chose a different path and her option is bearing fruits.

Having been in the limelight for some time, Shapwanale has certainly coined her place among very few Namibian journalists who have made the great stride from the newsroom to the business world.

“I still want to be in journalism as I still write for AFP and Reuters. The reason why we are blossoming now is that I have enough time. I believe that if your dream doesn’t constantly grow then you aren’t doing enough,” Shapwanale said. 

She also added that “I want to get to a point where if people are talking about media my name must feature. The belief has been that when you think media you think Gwen Lister but we are now in a new dynamic.” 

Despite having achieved so much and still achieving, Shapwanale said the sky is the limit to her horizons. So determined is Shapwanale that she believes she will break the glass ceiling in the Namibian media landscape. Well as if she has not done enough already she has transformed her magazine Simply You into a vibrant online publication with great appeal. 

“I want to be multifaceted and it’s been a learning curve for both me and Helena. I obviously have another plan that I will not reveal now. What I know is that when big brands like MTC and Coca-cola decide on attaching their brand to us it means we are doing something good, “she said. 

She also added that” There has been a lot of emphasis on entrepreneurship and how the change in the working environment is moving. I believe the future of working should be based on where you are and I’m really rooted in entrepreneurship.” 

So fast have the SYMLAFA grown from humble beginnings to now attracting some of the biggest brands in Namibia.

Among other brands now associated with the awards are Namibia Wild Life Resorts, MTC, Appletiser, and Coca Cola.


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