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New author to launch book on the power of wins

14 appetising chapters of satisfying ingredients for success.

Many motivational books that we pick up on the shelf both physical (if that’s still a thing) or virtual all have the same thing in common and that is the fact that they are written by non Namibians. Although these motivational books give us what we are looking for at times, the majority lack one thing and that is that Nam flavour. the ability to closely relate as the authours are seven oceans away. A local author is about to change all of this with his powerful self-realization book titled Winning Season:The power of small wins and how to awaken your inner champion.

Written by Musongo Mittag Immanuel, Winning Season is more than just another motivational book as it is a philosophy, penned in a unique, captivating way that it speaks to you, regardless of who you are, where you are from or headed in life. The book is based on real-life events is inspired and dedicated to his late sister as a token of appreciation. Without giving it all away, the authour says the book is an extract of what often is a life of discovery in a few pages where one explores concepts, tactics, and attitudes that are the tracks to success.

” I call it our book as it is for the young and old, an educational tool on how to win in life by looking at mindsets, interpersonal skills, and positive attitudes to mention a few and it goes a little bit deeper on issues such as strategies and mindsets of a winner. I refer to it as a cookbook that has ingredients for success and will help us aim for that win in life,” he says.

This insanely powerful book is yet to be available for one to dig into all this goodness however details for ways to coup a copy will soon be made available. In the meantime, you can follow Winning Season on their social mediums for all the snippets from the book that will help you reinvent your life and how to best live it!



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