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New buzzing tunes for your ears

By Tobias Pandeni Jesaya

Here are some of the latest and popping hits and visuals from the land of the brave, that one can listen to. 

King Elegant – Emotions

Photo: Instagram

Elegance in his sound, the King is back after a while and it is up close and personal. ‘Out of sight not out of mind’ the song reveals a side he didn’t show before as he speaks of getting lost in the world and ending up hurting someone loyal to him. Quite a storyteller and definitely the type of truth a lot can relate to, it’s the song you don’t want to miss out on.

Shaiyah – Yayee Meme

Photo: Instagram

Different energy, creativity, confidence and enormous direction, a perfect way to introduce herself in the music industry. Shaiyah talks about different issues in Oshiwambo households and neighbourhoods as well as her strength at some points. The beautiful video directed by Maria Nepembe gives an insight into the Oshiwambo culture and it connects well with the song. This is the type of art Namibia deserves.

Tulisan X Kaboy Kamakili – Eembale Dhiihaka

Tulisan is slowly but surely cementing his place in the Namibian Kwaito scene and the collaboration with Zama boy is one of those beautiful undeniable sounds. Both artists delivered with great passion and flex. The rhythm bound song is catchy and has a sing-along invite that makes it stick in one’s head easily. It is accompanied by a music video, of course, the typical Kwaito one but nonetheless it’s a vibe as the song itself goes.

Chester Houseprince ft Azmo, Musketeers – I KNOW

Photo: Instagram

Chester definitely knows that when the feelings are true, they never stop. The video tells a story of a struggling artist who happened to make it out after signing with a record label. He constantly had feelings for a girl in his location so he still came for her despite the fact that she used to act funny a bit. A deep house vibe with a beautiful video, combination deadly.

King Tee Dee – Oho Penge


Wizkid vibes, a catchy sound and not so convincing lyrics. It’s been a while since the Mshasho executive put out a song and finally, he’s back but unfortunately not with a banger. He talks of the energy he gets from his lady and all the romance he wants to give her. The song sounds more like a demo but after all, it’s worth a try. 

Jayden – Mamiro

Photo: Instagram

The phrase ” _hole_ so nice” fits perfectly to describe this video. It shows a couple having a good time, going on a wild animal tour. Who doesn’t want that with their significant other? The deep house song hits the right spot especially when on the road and its Damara lyrics are just as serenading. Good quality, nice flow of ideas, beautiful ladies, definitely a jam.

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