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New hits and visuals alert


Have you been curious about the activities of your favourite Namibian musicians? Look no further because unwrap.online has all the info!

Namibian artists, like the rest of the world, have been abiding by the Covid-19 rules and regulations, and have been busy doing what they do best, so we spoke with a few of them and put together a playlist for you to enjoy local content.

Jackson Wahengo, a Namibian guitarist, singer, and songwriter released his debut music video, “ Ondishishi ft Adora,” on YouTube last week.

“The song speaks about my personal marriage difficulties which eventually led to my unfortunate separation from my wife, so the song speaks about me to be specific and my life in general”, he said.

The pandemic has grounded musicians in terms of music. “You know like a naughty kid told to stay at home for a week and not go out, imagination goes into overdrive in such a situation, so even though we’re under duress, it’s given us another chance to compose and practise our instruments,” he said.

TopCheri and Manxebe, who previously collaborated on the hit song “Omapendafule,” have released the visuals for their song “Ethanje” from their Ghetto Love album. In less than 24 hours, the currently trending music video had over 51k views.

Chikune, the multi-award winning singer, has released a new single called Omutima, which was created by Keynote and mixed and mastered by Dr Mavovo.

On the other hand, local artist S- Moon released a single titled “Onda Laata” featuring Cota Mushe, which was produced by chaki beats.

Etjo Kangumine and Julius Page Hamwele of Ethnix have released a new  music video called “Open Up.” The deadly duo isn’t about to park just yet, having just released their Ohole So Nice video, which is doing quite well on YouTube.

Finally, DJ Spuzza gives the fans what they want!

Dj Spuzza, the CEO of Slaughterhouze, released a new single yesterday called Nyekeleni Boy, which features Chakie. It’s such a perfect song that it’ll get everyone in the mood.


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