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Newly released to add to your lockdown playlist

New music to get you through lockdown easily!

By Wilka Kayoko

Music has the power to change our mood tremendously and during the COVID-19 pandemic is it essential that our artist continue producing music to keep their fans calm and relaxed. Here are a few new releases and soon to be released songs from various artists.

Ace- Lose your foot

Tired of being so sleeping and eating during the lockdown? This jam is exactly what you need to play! The upbeat song written and produced during lockdown is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Ann Singer –Yaye

The newly released song tilted Yaye, written and performed by Ann singer is dedicated to all young mothers. Ann tells her story and encourages young mothers that, “You’ve got this”. The video concept was created and directed by Micheal Pulse and shot by Haimetu Media Group.

The imperative collective-One day

The Hip Hop and kwaito fuses song titled One day produced by Mase from the Imperative Collective is a motivational song stating that;

“One day we are going to connect our dots and make it in life, drive the cars and get a house amongst other luxuries that we’ve always want,ed” he said. The song was released Saturday.

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Champ Viktor- Run it up

The alternative hip hop tilted Run it up was released on the 8th of April.

“I wrote the song based off the fact that I’ve been an underrated artist for some time so this song is just to say it doesn’t matter how long it takes for me to get to the top, I’ll get there with time,” he said.

Big Ben – Kavava

Kavava means a small wing. It is a track from the album back to basics that won artist of the year in 2016. The jazz song originates from the nursery rhythm: ini mini maini moe. The video which was previously uploaded was shot in 2018 by Desley Hitiraukunga and directed by Big Ben.

Ees – The one ft. ML

The One is a kwaito love song that talks about finding that special someone that we all are looking for, someone that completes you and makes you feel happy to be alive. A highlighting feature in the song is that it speaks out against the materialistic things such as money and cars.

“I recently got married and even though not putting all my private life and wedding photos in the public- I wanted to release a song that talks about the complete honour of having found one,” he says.

Yessonia – Runaway child

Runaway child is a single that serves as a reminder that there is a force out there watching over us and that cares for us. It is essential that in the midst of the pandemic we remember this.

“My executive producer TS made me jump on one of the biggest riddims of all times so myself and roqchild production came created as ‘runaway child’” she wrote.

Taylor Jaye- Mi Ba ft Dj K Smacks & Chin Chilla

Mi ba means Tell my mom I’m a superhero when I step in my hood. Taylor Jaye says that the song is about the township Otjimuise(Windhoek) where she grew up.

She worked on a collaboration with the South African Powerhouse Dj K Smacks and the Namibian Rapper Chin Chilla. Together they are representing the different African townships they are from and showing pride that it has contributed to them reaching the top of the world. The Amapiano is out now.

Antany Knows – Isolation

Isolation merely a description of the reality we are facing, especially the ladies. Everyone is bored and it has them texting the people that are no longer part of their lives. The recently released song is part of the series of lockdown music produced by Antany.

“Since there is a lot of free time I think it is convenient to release. I’m not trying to let the craft slip so I am trying to be as productive as possible. I record every day and I see the best one from that to release for the week to keep the music flowing” he said. Antany will be dropping a new song on Tuesday.


Alustar Worldwide- Stay

Safe Compilation playlist
The 27 track playlist is a combination of some of the Alustar’s music released over the past 5-6 months, however, the artist felt as if it was overlooked and now is the perfect time for the listeners to soak it all in.

“ I decided to choose 27 songs nothing but the best and put out a playlist for the people to get to know my sound and direction to my Art as an artist, and I am sure it’s the best things out now, listen and be the judge of it,” he said. This playlist is now available on YouTube.



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