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NFTA complete nominee list and selection criteria explained

72 film and theatre enthusiasts have been nominated for this year’s award ceremony. Who are they and how did they get nominated?

The Namibia Film and Threatre Awards play a key role in recognising and celebrating Namibian creatives in the industry. The nominees were announced recently, showing a diverse variety in both new and old projects and creatives. 

unwrap.online spoke to Nicola Muranda from the Namibia Film Commission and shared details on how the nominees are selected.

According to her, the film criteria used on all film submission are as follows when it comes to scripts, the jury looks at the overall plot, originality, and dialogue (presence or absence). When it comes to directing the jury looks at the overall creative execution, visual interpretation, directing of actors, visual interpretation, emotional authenticity and attention to detail. For editing, it is the overall flow of the film, pacing, coverage of scenes, quality of graphics and title overlays, SFX and originality. The jury also looks at the overall production values, performances from the cast, visual storytelling, overall emotive quality and how well rounded the film is.

In terms of how certain films may not have premiered yet but still managed to get nominees, Muranda says all films produced in the time frame stand a chance to be nominated regardless. 

” While the submissions towards awards considerations are open to all films produced during 26 March 2017 – 30 August 2019. All films produced during the period between the two awards ceremonies regardless of them being released or premiered. As these submissions are independently judged by the different industry experts (film, media & academia) of the jury. Hence the jury looks at all films entered into the awards,” she said. 

Several actors, actresses, and film producers have shared their thrill of being nominated with their fans, expressing gratitude in the awards recognising their talents. 

The awards take place on 5 October at the NTN. Here is the full list of nominees. 

Film Nominees

Best Music Video Director 

1. Robert Scott: Fake Fake Trees – Danella Smith Band 2. Andrew Robson: Martyr – Vaughn Ahrens 3. Leonard Tshikesho: Nawa – Karishma ft DJ Potpher 

Best Student Film 

1. Chasm – Leon Mubiana 

2. NDF Survival Kit – Tapiwa Makaza 3.

 The Rose – Jana Hein

 Best Script 

1. Aina Kwedhi – Hairareb 2. 

Joel Haikali – Invisibles

 3. Micheal Pulse – The White Line 

Best Production Design 

1. Tanya Stroh – Baxu and the Giants 

2. Jason Kooper, Hilma Sheehama – Hairareb

 3. Joel Haikali – Invisibles 

Best Sound & Music 

1. Christof van Niekerk, David Benade, Shishani, Tim Huebscle- Another Sunny Day 

2. Wojtek Majewski, Lize Ehlers, Karl Ehlers, Imms Nicolau – Baxu and the Giants

 3. Ellen Ernst, Oshoveli Shipoh, Pontianus Dikuua, Nehale Muteka – Hairareb 

Best Editor

 1. Robert Scott – Baxu and the Giants

 2. Oshoveli Shipoh, Ellen Ernst, Nehale Muteka – Hairareb 

3. Renier de Bruyn – The White Line

 Best Cinematography 

1. Bernd Curschmann – Invisibles 

2. Kit Hoffmann – Baxu and the Giants

 3. Antonius Tsuob – Hairareb 

Best Newcomer Director 

1. Desiree Kahikopo – The White Line 

2. Senga Brockerhoff – Encore

 3. Lavinia Kapewasha – Iitandu 

Best Documentary 

1. The Voice of the Bush – Pvleclidias Witbooi

 2. Another Sunny Day – Tim Huebschle 

Best Female Actor 

1. Camilla Jo-Ann Daries – Baxu and the Giants

 2. Lavinia Kapewasha – Iitandu

 3. Girley Jazama – The White Line

 Best Male Actor 

1. Jan-Barend Scheepers – The White Line

 2. David Ndjavera – Hairareb 

3. Eduardo Lutete – The Fight 

Best Director 

1. Florian Schott – Baxu and the Giants

 2. Joel Haikali – Invisibles

 3. Oshoveli Shipoh 

Best Narrative Film 

1. Baxu and the Giants 

2. The White Line

 3. Hairareb

 Theatre Nominees:

 Best Director: 

1. Blessing Mbonambi & Junelle Mbonambi- Stroh– Fell

 2. Nelago Shilongoh – Fences 

3. Senga Brockerhoff – Every Woman 

Best Newcomer Director: 

1. Ndakalako Shilongo – Thinning Lines 

2. Lloyd Winini – The Nuthouse 

3. Sepiso Mwange – A Raisin in the Sun 

Best Male Actor:

 1. Ndinomholo Ndilula – Tales of Roses in Concrete

 2. David Ndjavera – Fences 

3. Blessing Mbonambi – Fell 

Best Female Actor:

 1. Odile Gertze – Battered 

2. Hazel Hinda – A Raisin in the Sun 

3. Nelago Shilongoh – Madam President 

Best Supporting Actor

 1. Jennifer Timbo – Every Woman 

2. Adriano Visagie – Battered 

3. Hazel Hinda – House of Paradox 

Best Newcomer 

1. Melgisedek Nehemia – Brooding with Beckett 

2. Mikiros Garoes – Black Coffee, White Porridge 

3. Jeremiah Shivolo – A Raisin in the Sun

 Best Stage, Set & Costume 

1. God of Carnage – Senga Brockerhoff

 2. A Raisin in the Sun – Sepiso Mwange

 3. Fences – Nelago Shilongoh 

Best Musical 

1. I am John – Sandy Rudd

 2. Tselane & the Giant – Veronique Mensah

3. Every Woman – Senga Brockerhoff

 Best Adapted Play 

1. Fences – Nelagoh Shilongoh 

2. Aspoestertjie – Abraham Pieters 

3. Tselane & the Giant – Veronique Mensah 

Best Original Script 

1. Battered – Donald Matthys

 2. The Nuthouse – Lloyd Winini 

3. Daddy’s Girls – Jenny Kandenge

 Best Overall Play 

1. A Raisin in the Sun – Sepiso Mwange 

2. Every Woman – Senga Brockerhoff 

3. Fences – Nelago Shilongoh 

Special Recognition Award: Brian Ford


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