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Nga-I on why he quit rap and his next moves

I didn’t quit out of failure it is out of responsibility- Nga-I

A million-dollar question in the Namibian music industry has just been answered and is it satisfactory to Nga-I’s fans?

Earlier this year, Nga-I shared on his social media that he was officially done with the music industry. This evening he shares his reasons as to why he made the decision to do so and what his plans for the future are.

Although admitting to the fact that the year has been great for him as he released great music and performed at various platforms such as Kasi Vibe Festival and the #GazzaMilliConcert, the Ovitrap Chief says he just to step out of the scene. In a five minute Instagram video, the rapper says his news was received by many as a shock, however, there is no turning back.

“The reaction was crazy, those were the most comments I have ever gotten. People as far as Epukiro were asking what had happened and some were telling me I couldn’t quit as i represent them in the industry,” he says.

As to the million-dollar question, Nga-I says he did it to be more responsible in order to be a better leader and a responsible father.

” I quit for one thing and that is responsibility. the industry is full of rappers and trappers who are egotistical and we don’t realize the effect we have on the people who follow us. the industry is also full of a lot of toxins like drugs, alcohol, and lust. I wasn’t going to play around anymore when I can be the best I can be,” he said.

Answering if he will ever rap again, Ngai-I says he might but not anytime soon. The Kurama singer says he plans on growing spiritually and financially and looks forward to learning from his mentors.

Nga-I who is also known as Foroman has given us hit after hit in his true authentic self. To many, he was a beacon of hope and for that he will be dearly missed in the game.


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