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Nga-I quits rap and soon to join fatherhood

Ovitrap music founder and rapper with his partner are expecting a bundle of joy but will he really not make music anymore?

If you are a fan or lover of Ovitrap music, we have some bad news today. Founder and Ovitrap Chief Nga-I has just announced the end of his musical ‘rapping’ career. In a tweet shared on all his social media platforms a couple of days ago, the Kurama hit-maker made it clear that he was done with rapping.

‘Its with a heavy heart that I make this announcement. I have quit rapping. Your OviTrap Chief is out. Okuhepa’ the tweet reads.

The artist left his fans confused as there was no additional information on what brought about his decision with others wondering if “… Nga-I going to take on a new genre of music or is he legit serious with what he said ‘leaving the music industry all together’ “

Ovitrap is a genre which fuses Otjiherero culture and storytelling with Hip-hop making Nga-I the originator of the music genre in Namibia. He then rose to fame with the release of 300 and Kurama which were also some of his hit songs. 

Amid all confusion and unanswered question, the artist then shared a short video on his Instagram of an ultrasound image with a caption thank you, speculating a pregnancy from him and his partner actress, artist and DJ Khadijah. A lot of congratulatory messages are seen coming from fans to the soon-to-be father in the comment segment.

Countless attempts made by Unwrap.online to get hold of Nga-I for confirmation, but he remains unreachable.

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