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Nga-I speaks on making sacrifices and performing with injuries

Rapper Nga-I puts his blood, sweat and tears on stage whenever he performs. The rapper as of recent has gone through some physically demanding performances to ensure his fans get the best out of him when they witness him on stage.

He hasn’t been a stranger to pain and injury before or during his performances. Nga-I who is also known as the Foroman had a very nasty cut on the day of his one man show in April 2019 at Jojos earlier this year. “Mbaue I’ve been facing the storm. On the day of my one man show it all great until I was rehearsing I cut my foot on an interlock surface. I had to suck it in and try not to limp during my performance. Before I performed at the show, I prayed and went I went on stage to perform the show was a success,” he recalled.

On another occasion right before his performance at Black Box Entertainment Boxx Thrive event at Zoo park in May, Nga-I says he also had a blister from some yard work he was doing at his home. He popped the blister and applied some ointment and did not give much thought about the blister and thought it would heal soon enough. He went to get some medical assistance from a doctor and after an X-ray was done they found out that he had an infection on his hand. “It was discovered that I had an infection, one that if left untreated would turn septic and I would end up going out like the great Bob Marley,” he shared.

Four days before his performance at Boxx Thrive he was admitted for seven days at a hospital, fearing that he would miss out on his performance and opt out of contractual agreements Nga-I decided to ditch the hospital and go and perform. “I was going to miss the show and I wouldn’t let it stop me because I take business agreements very seriously. If we agree that I will pitch and perform I will do just that,” said Nga-I. Soon after his performance, Nga-I said his body almost shutdown and he threw up because he had pushed himself to his limit.

Nga-I says he is taking his medication and praying. “I am taking my medicaton and following up with doctors. I am praying and most importantly drinking my water and minding my business.

He says his fans should expect much more quality videos and merchandise later this year and has promised his fans that he is going to be very cautious and stay out of harms way. “Vandu vandje (My people) I promise no more injuries from here. My album is available for N$149.99,” he said.

Check out Nga-I’s latest video below.

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