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Ngai-I and Khadijah the new age Bonny and Clyde

From the studio to gigs, date night and Netflix and…! They spill it all!

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Having seen how real and intimate their latest and second offering Find Me is, we couldn’t help but wonder how they kill at it! The new age power couple chats to unwrap.online on how they mix business and pleasure so darn well.

If you are an avid follower of the two love birds, you might wonder if they are twins as they are always together at gigs, out in town or simply in their home. Asked on how they manage it, the two say that being in a relationship is indeed a job that needs to be worked at.

“Relationships are a full-time job. It takes consistency, empathy, kindness, patience, understanding, love and friendship to prosper. You need to be willing to give and to receive. You need to hone a spirit of forgiveness. As a young woman and man, we face many individual challenges. These differences need to be celebrated and nurtured when we make the conscious decision of becoming partners in life,” they say.

Being together over a year, one would say the two have managed to master what many fail at despite being together for years. Khadijah and Nga-I say it is about being in love.

“Being together has been a learning ground for us both. We can say with confidence that we are madly in love, and madly human. We grow together, experience together, commit together, pray together, seek wisdom together and love together. Love conquers all, and we strive to be a representation of true love.”

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So how do they balance work and love you may ask? Being in the entertainment industry and public eye the two say the power lies within them and their ambitions as a couple and individuals.

Watch Nga-I and Khadija’s latest work shot by Experienced Films

“We never forget that we’re human beings and the entertainment industry doesn’t get to our heads or our relationship. We are two people who fell in love and happen to have similar goals. We are each other’s biggest fans. The rest is background noise. We’re best friends, lovers, family, and business partners. We argue a lot and create room for dialogue to express how we feel. This allows us to continuously learn from each other.”

One thing we can learn from the two is never to stop appreciating your partner. Whether you have only been together for a year or seven, never stop having fun. Which is what Nga-I and Khadijah do to keep their fire flaming.

“Every day is date night. We’re together every day like best friends. We hate being apart so we’re able to do everything together. Running errands, cooking (Ngai makes the best pap) and falling asleep while catching up on Netflix.”


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