Home News Nigerian Mike Ezuruonye and Olive Entertainment project to kick off soon

Nigerian Mike Ezuruonye and Olive Entertainment project to kick off soon

A successful scouting leads to film project to start in April

We can for sure expect Nigerian filmmaker and actor Mike Ezuruonye to come back to shoot a Nigerian Namibian movie anytime soon. Ezuruonye who was in Windhoek and the coastal towns on a pre-production tour has partnered up with Olive Entertainment, a local production company owned by fierce Julia Kadhikwa affectionately known as Boss Lady.

The project is expected to start its production phase later this year from April and Kadhikwa has confirmed that the majority of the cast will consist of Namibians in aim of expanding the local film industry. She further said that her company partnered   up with Ezuruonye and his team because of his expertise and to help trade Namibian talent and creativity.

Whilst in Namibia, Ezuruonye met his fans at a meet and greet held at The Kitchen. He also made courtesy visits to the ministry of trade and industry, the Namibian tourism board, Air Namibia as well as the Namibian national council and the Nigerian embassy just to mention a few.  The actor also had the privilege of driving on our beautiful roads in a Jeep sponsored wagon and has a taste of Kapana which is referred to as Suya back in Nigeria.

Asked how his visit to Namibia was, Ezuruonye said he loved the people and the country.

“I was fascinated by the Namibian desert and how it meets the ocean. It’s a very clean country, reminded me of Europe. The Germans build a look alike town so they didn’t miss home,” he said.


If you are in the film industry, do keep an eye on the Olive Entertainment social media pages for all updates regarding the fascinating up and coming film.


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