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Ola BoXx café, addio Street Cuisine

All you need to know about BoXx café and why you should check it out.

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Most frequently, a name change reflects a shift in strategy and that is exactly what the owner of now BoXx café, formerly known as Street Cuisine.

Located on Independence Avenue, BoXx café prides themselves as the heart of the city and that is what they want to be known for, but with more flexibility. Unwrap.online spoke to the owner Quido and here’s what inspired him to give the hot spot a new look.

“I think the very reason was psychological – I needed a change. And then there were many other flexible branding reasons I wanted to change it to. Street Cuisine was a bit stuck up and not really for everyone. Whereas BoXx Cafe has way more flexibility to it. From advertising, to comfort, menu,” he said.

Quido says the name BoXx café was chosen for the obvious reasons of the restaurant being a box.


“So firstly it’s housed in a Box – that closes up when we close shop. Secondly, the (box) shipping container idea gives us room for branching out expanding idea. It will allow it to grow faster when we do open the next outlet. Economic status calls for innovation,” he said.

The logo design also has a history behind it and according to the owner, it’s both creativity and trendsetting.

“The B is also a 3 and the O is also a zero to the year 30Xx and beyond. I promised myself when I turn 30 I will do something big. So this is between the now and next year 2020 while I’m 30 years of age. The Xx in the logo allows for trendsetting brand flexibility. The smiley face, there is a “bunny” still coming and several other items. We want the Xx to stand alone,” he said.

Besides having local socialites as brand ambassadors, BoXx café will be going about differently with their daily operations. For one, it is confirmed that there will be live music every day and DJs on weekends.

They will also be having BoXxing Ring Wednesday messy eating for all which will require one to eat with their hands, off the table. BoXx café is the official venue for the Saturday Breakfast Show that airs on NBC1.


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