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Omapendafule visuals- an eccentric trip down memory lane

Naudili Stefanus H.


Earlier this year, Top Cheri and Manxebe graced us with beautiful, compelling and empathizing sounds which we will celebrate for years. However, with art, we have aspects of both visual, physical and audible, enticing works that may be celebrated as utterly ingenious.

 As time moves, so does the art. We have noticed how the review of one of the most visually orgasmic pictures of the time, the Mona Lisa has changed over time and we can probably conjure up a lot of quotes by the greatest artists in a time of how visual art seems to be the most appealing art of all. But that is not why we are here, today we review the recent visual arts of one of the hard-working creatives Top Cheri, and arguably the most prolific upcoming kwaito artist, Manxebe.

It is said that art is enjoyed best in its simplest form, although, in this video, art was enjoyed in most of its available forms, from the dance choreography, through the visual aspects, down to the sound, this video meets all the requirements to be crowned best video of the year. It was already an ingenious idea to pair Manxebe with Top Cheri who has rather different yet coercive sounds. The video is a mixture of enjoyment and standout trending aspects in the vintage dress codes. Despite not having a visible storyline, it remunerates this urge for the concept in the title of the song, “Omapendafule” may mean anything from hero to saviour if well backed up, which is why the two artists just practically brag about their abilities. They present their verses with cockiness and comfort to claiming the accolades that may be awarded to them. 

Manxebe has been recently identified as a dancer of Sunny Boy, and there is no doubt that he has the dance abilities so seldom identified in many musicians. This explains his skills in the video where Top Cheri also showed up to give the acrobatics needed. 

The video comprises many dancers and incorporates a vintage feel. Similar to what we saw in “Saka” by “PDK”, and “Hangover” with the Black Box Crew, makes one think that Top Cheri has something for vintage looks, and she makes it work, undoubtedly.

 Overall, Omapendafule visuals has all the aspects of a great music video. Great look and feel, it is engageable, groovy and what you would call “eye-candy”. 


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