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One hit wonder, Onesto is back

Talishi Werner

Onesto from the ghetto is back in the music scene and this time, unlike his ghetto love, it is not a mistake. 

One hit wonder, Onesmus Mwafange,  ‘Onesto’ from the ghetto, is back. Whether for good or for another once-off, time will tell for the artist who went on a hiatus to sharpen his graphic designing career. Hitmaker in 2006 Onesto says he had to sort out his life as a father first before focussing on music. 

“I did not completely take a break, I have been what one would call a silent killer, I’m around but in the background featuring artists and doing production,” he said.

The artist who was once nominated for Best dance hall/Ragga and best single said he never lost his love for music.  He is currently working on his latest single’s music video titled Rosalia.

“There’s no place like home and music is home. I am here to stay. I still have a lot to offer,” he said. 

He also added that “I am trying to create the taste of music that people would enjoy listening to because I want to come back on their tv’s with a bang.”

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