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Ou Axue to celebrate 56th birthday at NUTS

It will be a celebration of life and music as Axue and the Birds jazzy and Authentic Ma//Gaisa pop

“I am still strong and productive – on and off stage,” said the 55-year-old vocalist and guitarist Sebulon ‘Axue’ Gomachab when asked what he wants the audience to experience at the Axue and the Birds edition of Night Under the Stars (NUTS).

Axue- Photo Southern Times

The concert is scheduled for 6 September, 19:00 at the Goethe-Institut Namibia and entrance is N$ 20. Axue will be joined on stage by the ‘Godfather of drums’ Siegfried ‘Ou Jomo’ Haoseb; Shorty and Panten on the keyboards and backup vocals; and Simon on the bass guitar. Winner of the Lifetime Achiever Award at the 2018 Namibian Annual Music Awards with Ou Jomo, Axue has a rich history in his career – to the level of representing Namibia abroad right after independence in 1990 with the likes of Jackson Kauejeua.

He has performed on stages in Germany, Canada, USA, Nigeria and China to market the image of Namibia as an independent and prosperous post-colonial nation. “Such opportunities are the celebration of the lost heroes who fought for Namibia’s independence and for us to have the freedom to express ourselves without fearing authorities,” he said.

The senior musician noted that while his style of music incorporates aspects of the traditional Ma/gaisa genre, his international travels and experiences have contributed a jazzy element to his authentic beats.
“I don’t have the formal education in music but playing guitar with jazz bands, particularly in Germany, had me learn by the ear and adopt some of their jazzy cords into the process of telling a story through my music,” said Axue.


Born in Windhoek but raised in the remote Okombahe, Axue is part of a musical family and taught himself how to the play the guitar at the age of 14-years for him to also feature in the family band. He was a student at the prominent Martin Luther High School in Okombahe, where he met and grew up with many other musical influencers in pre-independent Namibia.

“I haven’t changed a bit and remain grounded in the roots of our communities for me to understand and sing about issues that affect the people directly,” said Axue who will celebrate his 56th birthday at his NUTS performance.
“I want the audience to come and participate in my performance by dancing and singing along because that is how I know a song is good,” he said.


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